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Rep. Beatty: #StandWithEdithEspinal

For delivery to: Rep. Beatty (Member of Congress)

Created by DREAM Activist

Rep. Beatty: #StandWithEdithEspinal

We are calling on Rep. Beatty to stand with Edith Espinal, a Columbus mother who has been living in sanctuary since September 5th, 2017. Edith has previously discussed her case with Rep. Beatty, only to be told that the member was too busy to visit with her.

Rep. Beatty, like you, Edith wants nothing more than to be able to sleep in her own bed, under the same roof as her own family. Living in sanctuary has been extremely hard for her, and we ask that you treat her situation as a priority and use your power to help her.

Edith has tried to do everything the right way, she applied for asylum after fleeing violence in Mexico. She has always checked-in with immigration, and is still even in communication with them. Edith has lived in the United States for decades now, since she was 17 years old.

I urge Rep. Beatty to #StandWithEdithEspinal and help us show a united front against the Trump administration. Please take action now.

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