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DREAMers Are Ready to Negotiate

For delivery to: President Donald Trump (President of the United States)

Created by DREAM Activist

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DREAMers Are Ready to Negotiate

We, the undersigned, all DREAMers, both with DACA and without, ask that you negotiate directly with our leadership. For years politicians on both sides of the isle, especially Democrats, have promised to do something to address the limbo we have lived in for over 20 years. Yet year after year we are fed nothing but empty promises. We are grateful that you, as President, are willing to now negotiate a deal that will hopefully lead to legal status for all of us.

We are appalled by Democrats refusal to even sit at the table, we ask that you negotiate directly with us.

39459 Signatures
78% of goal of 50,000

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39,459 signatures. 78% of goal of 50,000.

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