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From Sundance to Deportation: Bring Claudio Rojas Home!!

For delivery to: Rep. Pelosi, Sen. Graham and President Trump

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From Sundance to Deportation: Bring Claudio Rojas Home!!

I write to ask that you take immediate action to allow the return of Claudio Rojas (A#089-232-994). Claudio was detained by ICE at his regular check-in on February 27, 2019, despite his attorney having recently filed a visa application on his behalf with USCIS. Claudio was demonstrating a good faith effort to cooperate with his immigration proceedings by appearing for all scheduled check-ins. I ask that your office take all of the needed actions to ensure that Claudio can be returned, and reunited with his family.

Originally from Argentina, Claudio has been in the US for 19 years. Claudio is a god-fearing, church-going, tax-paying new grandfather. As a victim of labor trafficking, Claudio has always cooperated with investigators from the Department of Labor.

Claudio is one of the protagonists of a Sundance award-winning film, The Infiltrators, that tells the true story of a group of activist undocumented youth - “Dreamers” - who get themselves detained by Border Patrol on purpose in order to go into a detention center, and help get people out. The main case the Dreamers worked on in detention, was Claudio’s. He was instrumental in helping free hundreds of other immigrants from detention, and his willingness to not only share his story, but also to help organize with others inside the center led to a full investigation of the facility. Since 2012, Claudio has been free, but has been going to his regular check-ins with ICE.

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