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Tell Speaker Pelosi to Call Trump for Claudio Rojas

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I write to ask that Speaker Pelosi take action to stop the deportation of Claudio Rojas. In less than two weeks thousands of community members have joined together in lifting up the story of Claudio, and all of his work to tirelessly defend other immigrants.

Claudio was targeted for his role in The Infiltrators, a film documenting his courageous journey towards freedom under the Obama administration. Claudio was first detained in 2010 under the direction of President Obama, and he is now being removed by President Trump.

I don't understand why the Speaker is refusing to act by saying Claudio's case is no different than the thousands of others being deported everyday. Claudio is different, he has fought back and spoken out every single chance he got. Claudio deserves your support.

I urge Speaker Pelosi to intervene directly with President Trump on behalf of Claudio Rojas.

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