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Tell Sen. Rubio to Save Jose Antonio's Life!

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Created by National Sanctuary Collective

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Tell Sen. Rubio to Save Jose Antonio's Life!

I write to ask that the Senator take immediate action to free Jose Antonio from the Pine Prairie Detention Center in Louisiana. Jose has been in extreme pain for nearly 6-months now, this is no way to treat a victim of abuse from Cuba!

On June 19th Jose had a hip-replacement surgery and yet ICE still refuses to release him. Now frantic for help, Jose has been calling his wife telling her he doesn't think he will survive this American detention center.

“I am in a cold room forced to sleep in a wheelchair. I am in constant pain and am not being given any help. These people make Cuba look like the better country, they are more murderous and bloodthirsty than the Castros.”

I write to demand that Sen. Rubio do something about this situation. Our country should not be jailing someone just for the sake of doing it when it is clear we cannot provide the basic care one needs.

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