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Detention is Not Safe for LGBTQ Immigrants: Free Darwin

For delivery to: ICE HQ Washington D.C., Sen. Bennet & Rep. Crow

Created by DREAM Activist

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I write to ask that you immediately grant parole for Darwin and release him from the Jackson Parish Correctional Center in Jonesboro, LA. Darwin has been detained there since turning himself in at the San Ysidro Port of Entry in March of this year. Darwin’s continued detention is in violation of ICE Directive 11002.1 and the recent Preliminary Injunction issued by U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg.

In detention, Darwin is experiencing harassment and verbal abuse due to identifying as LGBTQ. Darwin has been harassed, verbally abused, and threatened by homophobic detainees in Jackson Parish. He has been called a “culero” and “maricon”, both slurs against LGBTQ people. He, and other LGBTQ detainees have been ejected from or prevented from entering the bathroom while other detainees are using it. Darwin has been threatened with beatings on multiple occasions by other detainees on account of his sexual orientation. The guards at Jackson Parish have verbally abused him, as well. Darwin’s status as a gender nonbinary, queer, or gay person makes him unsafe in detention and he is vulnerable for future harm.

I ask that you grant parole so that Darwin can be released to his family in Denver, Colorado. Darwin's younger brother is currently detained at a children's shelter in Texas and cannot be released until Darwin is free. His little brother has twice attempted suicide; this family has suffered immense trauma and needs to be reunited.

I urge you to follow the order of the U.S. District Judge and make a determination on Darwin's parole request. Darwin is neither a flight risk nor a danger to the community, and it is in the public interest to grant his parole.

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