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Petition For ICE to Conduct and Release The Congress-Mandated 30-Day Detainee Death Report Within The Allotted Time

For delivery to: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE)President of the United States, Joe Biden

Created by DREAM Activist

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We demand that ICE stops breaking the law and conducts a proper and timely production and release of the 30-Day Detainee Death Record after deaths in custody.

The 30-Day Detainee Death Report is a Congressionally mandated report that ICE is supposed to release within 30 days of the death of a detained person in their custody. Since April 2018 alone, 35 individuals have died in ICE detention. Advocates across the nation have successfully documented ICE's attempts to sweep the agency and the company's failures under the rug.

The 30-Day Detainee Death Report is meant to assist in the process of accountability after deaths and prevention of the breakdowns within the system which lead to the death of individuals in ICE custody. Instead, we continue to bear witness that ICE is whitewashing attempts, and not making meaningful efforts to comply with the congressional mandate that the agency promptly explain to the public how such tragedies continue to occur on their watch.

As the families of the deceased await an impartial investigation and justice for their loved ones, records to determine the impartiality and whether or not justice will be served, are being withheld by ICE. Subsequently, ICE contractors fail to take serious measures to prevent the deaths in custody, which continue to happen at an increasingly fast rate.

The Numbers:

The death rate per 100,000 admissions in ICE detention was:
* 2.303 in FY2018,
* 1.499 in FY2019, and
* 10.833 in FY2020.

Suicide by hanging was identified as the cause of death in 9 (25.7%), and

Medical causes in the remaining 26 (74.3%).

Among 26 deaths attributable to medical causes,
* 8 (30.8%) were attributed to COVID-19, representing 72.7% of 11 deaths occurring since April 2020.


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